101 Things to Do Before You're Old and Boring

- by Richard Horne & Helen Szirtes

There is nothing worse than being boring, except for being old and boring. Here are 101 exciting Things to Do to keep you busy: Things you might never have thought of doing, or just didn't know how to do.         

According to Richard Horne & Helen Szirtes there are 101 things everyone should do to keep their life fun and interesting and to keep you from becoming old and boring.

What's great about "101 Things to do Before You're Old and Boring" is that it doesn't just list what you should do; it gives you helpful hints and tips on how to accomplish the goal. It also provides Achievement stars to mark that you've accomplished a task, when are where you accomplished it, and, in some cases, a place to rate your fear factor about doing.
Overall, a great book! 5/5

Review: Charles Ernest