Robert Muchamore
CHERUB: The Recruit
- Book review by Charles Ernest

“Punchy, exciting, glamorous and, what’s more, you’ll completely wish it was true.” Sunday Express

Robert Muchamore, born in 1972 in England, spent thirteen years working as a private investigator. After retiring,  Muchamore began writing CHERUB for his nephew, who couldn’t find any books which he liked.  The first book he wrote, The Recruit, was published in 2004 and since then, has sold many copies.

Following the death of his mother James Choke, the protagonist, is forced into Nebraska House, a children’s care home.  Meanwhile, his younger step-sister Lauren is taken to live with her father, Ron, who is reluctant to take care of James.  Following his arrest after attempted robbery with his so called "friends" at Nebraska House, James wakes up on the CHERUB campus, where the chairman of the organization, Mac, explains to James about CHERUB; an institution of agents aged between ten and seventeen. Mac then puts James under several tests and after passing them all, James is admitted into CHERUB as well as his sister, Lauren. The exact location of the organization is unknown for safety reasons; however it is located somewhere in England.

The plot in this story and James’ first mission is to befriend a son of a terrorist, where he has to find out information about his parents. Little does the terrorist know that James has bugged every room in her house, made copies of all her computer files and stolen her address book.
The only problem is, will he get caught?

CHERUB is undeniably a great book for anyone who enjoys a lot of action, and I would without a doubt recommend it. After reading the first page I was instantaneously hooked and just could not put it down.I would rate this book 9/10, due to its great story line and realistic plot.


Charles Ernest was born in Northampton, England on the 6th January, 1997. His favorite books are those by Robert Muchamore and any others with a lot of action and comedy.