Habibi is a magnificent story about a Jewish girl Lyiana, who lived her whole life in Saint Louis. But her life changed completely after an announcement her father made. They were going to move to a far place, to Palestine.

        Lyiana has a job now to get adapted to a total different way of living. She has to learn a new language, get used to new customs and to a life in a country where she knows nothing about. “Why can’t I wear shorts?”, “I don’t understand this Place, in Saint Louis you could just walk around in shorts and flip-flops and people wouldn’t even look at you!”.Through the book, there is a clear character development that happens to Lyiana, the protagonist. Not only because one year passes but because she grows up in her mind, she is always learning new thing lots which teach her how to live and behave as a traditional Jewish women. But an unexpected thing happens; Lyiana meets a guy, which changes her life completely. She was in a country where girls weren’t allowed to be outside alone and especially talk to guys. But she wouldn’t respect that. This is one of the main rising actions of the book, bringing it to the whole conflict when Lyiana’s family decides to be against this unexpected love “Forget Lyiana, this love is just impossible!”

          Habibi was honestly a book which surprised me. When I got it and first looked at the front cover, I was sure I wasn’t going to enjoy it. But along the development of the book I started to relate myself a little with Lyiana. I was also living in a country I knew nothing about and I had to learn new things as well which made my head go crazy. This book made me feel really comfortable, and I enjoyed it so much that I just couldn’t stop reading it. For this book I give 9 out of 10. I would suggest this book especially for girls, because it talks a lot about love and feelings that I personally think boys would find a little weird. And for the kind of reader that wants a calm book, not with a lot of conflicts and fighting.

Biography. My name is Natalia Almeida. I come from Brazil but i live in Luxembourg. I don't really enjoy reading that much, but when i read, i prefer fiction books which are the ones i enjoy the most.