Kiss the Dust: Elizabeth Laird

Tara's Kurdish family is on the run from Iraqi police. They struggle through harsh conditions only to end up in refugee camps... but are they safe there? The protagonist, Tara, begins the story with a normal life in Iraq with her best friend Leila. Her father secretly works for a Kurdish group who plan attacks on the Iraqi police. Soon this perfect life comes crashing down when Tara's famiy was told that the Iraqi police were going to capture Tara's father, and Tara's family had to flee the city. There journey continues trying to find a place to stay out of reach from the Iraqi police and other forces who don't want Tara's father alive.

This books plot is difficult to anticipate which makes it more exciting and makes you want to read on. The setting is an interesting one and keeps on changing from harsh deserts, rough refugee camps and big bustling cities. The mood is very suspenful and always keeps you on edge.

I thought it was a great book, and the main reason why I thought it was good was because the main character in the book was a girl around my age so I had much in common with her. As well as the fact that the mood and plot was very intriguing.
Molly's favourite books are historical fiction or fantasy novels. She really enjoyed reading ''Kiss the Dust'' and can't wait to see what other books Elizabeth Liard has published.