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Alexander Goldberg
4/15/2010 07:26:29 pm

Into the Unknown
Going down the stairs
Heading out the house
Making sure no one is out and about
Can’t wait to go outside
Into the unknown

On the fishing boat with sister
Ready to make the trade
A fisherman’s clothes for a stained dress
I stare with transfixed eyes as he strips off his clothes however he doesn’t have any shoes
And in turn we give him the tattered dress

I leave my villa excited like never before
Finally my dreams are materializing
However a beggar boy approaches me
He’s obviously not pleased and is annoyed
He throws me against a wall
And, unflinching, demands that I never return in his begging area
He shouts it as if; if I would stay any longer the world would end

I leave the beggar boy and continue walking
Suddenly a jolt of pain goes through my foot
It feels like I was just shot in the leg
I am intrigued to find out that I have a huge splinter in my foot the size of a tree
I wish the fisher boy had given me a pair of shoes

I head to the Jewish ghetto
I hear they have to help people as part of their religion
I see a well and limp over to it as if it was my only hope of survival
I refresh my injured foot in the well
Only to find myself being watched by a solemn eyed boy holding a bucket

Oh no, I had just dirtied the well!
Now the boy won’t have clean drinking water!
This has been such an adventure into the unknown

Ann Cloos
4/17/2010 02:05:44 am

The Wind of Freedom

A door between two worlds
The banging of the wind
An urgent call
A hand
Softer than silk
Trembling of fear
Touching the golden handle

Sunlight is tickling my face
The wind of freedom
Brushing the misty clouds
The water
Rushing in the canals
Wild and free
The pungent odour of fish
People as far as I can see
A world better than a dream

Wings seem to cover my arms
Flying higher than the sky
A raucous voice
Ripping me out of my dreams
A beggar boy
His skin darker than the night
His eyes filled with rancour
My mind transfixed of fear
A heavy stone blocking my thoughts

A breeze
Pushing against the stone
My legs
Moving faster and faster
My sisters’ teasing laughers ringing through my head
I can’t give up
A wave of hope flowing through my body

An incessant pain
Exploding under my foot
A splinter
A barrier to liberty
All alone in this world
I thought was mine
The need of shoes
Stumbling through the scruffy streets
Will I ever come home again?

4/17/2010 10:58:43 pm

Cooped up in her life,
Confined by nobility,
Femininity restrains her,
Alone in a crowded palazzo.

Intrigued by the map,
Fervent to escape,
Outside the palace,
She is transfixed.

A constant yearning,
There's no alternative,
But to find her disguise,
In fisherboy clothing,
Venice awaits.

Her incessant dreams,
Materialize around her,
With no shoes on
she feels unprotected,
On the harsh, hot,
cobbled streets.

Maddie Browne
4/18/2010 03:33:18 am

The grass is always greener on the other side

I step out onto the encrusted streets
My pampered, yielding feet
Feel a sting of independence wave over them
The grass is always greener

I smell the tantalizing fragment of fresh fish
It reaches my nose with compassion
The odour intoxicates me with interest
The grass is always greener

The taste of the delicious sizzling halibut
Slithers serenely down my throat
Devouring it greedily I am intrigued by this new world
The grass is always greener

The invigorating feeling of freedom
Blows against my silky, lavished hair
Like the soothing bath I take every morning but better
The grass is always greener

The sight of the solemn pious women
Giving money to the illegitimate child on the road
Fills my selfish heart with enchantment
The grass is always greener

The sound of the incessant raucous yelling
The bawdy market traders impatient to sell their catch
Fills my aching spirit with angels
The grass is always greener

Isabel Billig
4/19/2010 05:34:28 am

To be a boy

I thought of my brothers
The envy I had
Of their unlimited freedom
If I was one of them
I would do what I wanted
The idea of changing
Transfixed my mind

My sister Paolina
Hatched A plan
For me to become a boy
The plan was to trade
A fisherman’s clothes for my old dress
The day of the trade approached
I received a baggy shirt and shabby pants
But no shoes or bereta
I was forced to go barefoot
Like a poor boy on his way home from work

I mingled through
The Venetian crowd
Eavesdropping like a hawk
On the Italian conversation
A mischievous boy
Snuck behind me
Consistently questioning
My relent to answer
Resulted in a spit in the face
A splinter penetrated my skin
My limp ended up leading me
To an unknown place

I entered what I thought
Was the Jewish Ghetto
Across my shoulder
I saw the shadow of
A Jewish man
He claimed he could treat my foot
To his house we headed
His strange rituals
Door knocking, Spoons and Kosher
Made me intrigued
We made an exchange
A shoes and a hat
I was to return tomorrow
To give something back

On my way home
I reflected on this day
As the sun smiled to me
I realized
The life I could have
If my gender was changed
The freedom
The better future
And the love of my father

Saskia Stomph
4/19/2010 11:46:49 pm

A Journey into the Forbidden

The momentous joy,
The sun that shone like the brightest star,
A journey into the forbidden,
The danger and beyond

The swap for clothes,
The raucous busyness of the streets of Venice,
The splinter that ached, like a rat tearing my skin apart,
A journey into the forbidden

The pious Jews,
The intriguing ghetto,
The spoon that shone like a brilliant piece of art,
A journey into the forbidden

The dirtying of the water,
The cap & shoes,
The choice and freedom as a fisherboy,
A journey into the forbidden

Molly Vickers
4/20/2010 01:35:04 am

Mocking Outer World

My tender white feet step
briefly and cautiously
onto the rough pavements of the Grand Canal
Carts and stands
overcrowd the compact city
My senses enliven urging my intrigued body to continue walking,

My anxiety deepens as a tough young boy
Swaggers towards me
The whole town seems to hold still holding its breath
His face stern and cold
Pushed against the wall sensing his rancor
spat upon in disgust
I bear the humiliation, I look on transfixed
His scorn and hatred hang in the air, laughing

I quicken my pace
And race through the eerie alleys
The freedom is intoxicating like a cold shower
One small wooden splinter interrupts my euphoria
leaving me unable to think
I can only crouch in a corner and suffer

I am a constricted, restrained, pampered creature
Unsettled, discontented like a caged nightingale
Waiting to be freed
Plagued by the incessant quest for adventure

Isabelle Scheideler
4/20/2010 03:08:50 am

Donata’s require for shoes

A momentous moment in my life,
Walking down the streets of lovely Venice,
The city where I lived my whole life.

The first time walking through this street,
Scrupulously listening to the sounds,
Hearing for the first time in my nonchalant life.

All these people not having alabaster skin,
Some are stoic, some are polite,
Walking barefoot like a horse without horseshoes.

Stopping with a solemn face and a shrill scream,
Having a contorted splinter in my foot,
How can other people survive without requesting shoes?

Julius Schroeter
4/20/2010 03:33:45 am

Everything is new,
The smell,
The noise,
The sights.

She has pain,
Pain from a splinter,
She has to humble,
A long way.

She finds a well,
To clean her foot,
But someone sees her,
The stranger stands there transfixed,
And she gets scared.

A Jewish man,
Comes out,
And carries her,
Like a little baby,
Into his house.

When she waits,
In the kitchen,
All alone,
In this home.

She sees,
Some impeccable spoons,
She picks one up,
Then puts it down again.

A girl comes in,
As if she would have eavesdropped her,
And screams at her,
As if she was a bad dog,
She looks extremely solemn.

The man comes,
He looks mad,
Mad as a bull,
But speaks softly.

Shreyam Jalan
4/21/2010 02:18:18 am

Donata’s Day Out

Donata, an adventurous little girl
An odd weed in a garden of flowers
Locked up in a house, like a tiny mouse
A mind like a maze, with a bright face

Donata, a child with 11 siblings
A girl who despises the convent
A girl envious of married women
Someone destined to live an intriguing life

The daring little girl, wanting to explore
Solemnly stepping out, in the world of men
Steadily passing by the dark alleys
Encountering raucous beggar boys on the way

Speaking to Jews in the Ghetto
Inside a stoic house as opposed to the streets
Adventures as such are rare for a noble girl
Even so, she goes out again and again

This poem is about Donata’s first adventure outside her palazzo. The first literacy device is “An odd weed in a garden of flowers” which is a simile. I picked this because I thought that Donata was a noble girl who was different from other noble women by a huge scale, even daring to go outside her palazzo. Another literacy device is “Locked up in a house, like a tiny mouse” a metaphor. I used this because I wanted to show, like in chapter 3, that women are not treated as well as men. The part about the mouse describes how insignificant noble females seem in the Venetian Society. The part about her being locked up in the house shows how noble women in the Venetian Society are not allowed to leave their palazzo. “A mind like a maze,” is also a metaphor. This shows that Donata’s mind was complex and she was intelligent. I think her mind was complex because she left the palazzo in secret and for her pleasure but she ended up hurting her twin, Laura, and had to create a dangerous plan to stop her marriage and get Laura married instead. I think she is intelligent because her plan was quite clever and because she did very well in her tutorial. The last example is “Inside a stoic house as opposed to the streets” which is a metaphor. This compares the house of Noé, which is not as noisy and loud as the streets of Venice, where people are shouting. There are six vocabulary words from the Daughter of Venice list, each of which is in bold and stands out from the rest of the poem.

I thought maybe I should just post the explanation too.

Nicholas Lhoest
4/21/2010 08:48:53 pm

Who is that Person?
Who is that boy walking through the streets?
A city that he obviously doesn’t know
Hesitantly looking as scared as a mouse
Will he ever find his way?
This is going to be a momentous adventure

Walking, wandering, and wavering
The boy stumbles and pain materializes
His toe looked contorted and gross
This is truly a bump in his adventure
Can he continue with the journey?

As if lost as sea,
The boy looks through the waves of people
One pious man acts like a life saver
Takes him aboard to safety in his home

At the home all seem new and scary
The unselfish boy helps with his toe
All fine and better now
The pious boy became Donata’s friend

Emilia Thordardottir
4/22/2010 02:48:57 am

Strange World

I am standing here alone,
Barefoot and unprotected,
Don‘t recall on what to do,
I try to be nonchalant,
But when I look under the bottom my foot transfixed,
I see a splinter, which is as tough as a nail.

I find a well close by,
Where I clean my foot,
But then I end up in a Jewish place,
Where a kind boy got the sharp splinter out,
Where everything is so different from our home,
So much noise,
So many people,
The crowded street is like a fast flowing river, with an abundant amount of fish.

I mess up the spoons,
And according to the Jews,
Misplacing spoons is as awful.

When I got home,
I was scared of people finding out I left the house,
To go downtown,
And I even ended up in a different place in Venice,
As different as an elephant and mouse,
A Jewish neighborhood.

What a momentous day,
I was dressed as a boy,
With my hair tied back and tucked in my fisherman shirt,

Sara Sacco
4/23/2010 06:08:09 pm

An opened door
Leading me to many experiences
Not considering the consequences
As I take one step forwards

Hiding no fear
Transfixed by the whole new world
Predicting no bawdyness
While absorbed in my own dreams

Intrigued by the habitants
From a different point of view
Ache started to occure
As I try to endure the pain

Morbidly, making, many faces
As a reaction for my pain
The people stare at me in wonder
« where does this kid come from ? »

I promise I won’t give up
This is the time of my dream
Like pop corn on the stove
I hop till I arrive home

Not having time to turn a corner
Sufficated by my sisters
Willing to know my adventure
And for me to reveal my experience

Like a momentous event
Everyone listens admiring
Appealed by my new adventure
They ask, « will you ever go back ? »

Garrett Kipe
4/24/2010 11:41:42 pm

Donata’s adventure poem: Unknown Alleys
By Garrett Kipe

There is a mystery disguised within Venice
Many alley ways untouched
Envious of my brother who travels these paths everyday
No more will my soul feel sore from sorrow and my face look solemn
From never visiting the many alleys of Venice
For I have created a masquerade and a plan to conceal
My secret
This will be a momentous occasion

A fisher boy is who I’ve met
A fair exchange of garments is made between us two, and no regrets
Now the trade is done… I have no shoes
Liberation from the confines and contortion
My feet were forced to endure whilst trapped by my retched heels

Now out into Venice I go
New sights everywhere
One over there
Another here
As if they were a new light shining bright upon my skin
Not too dark, not too light for my alabaster skin controls my secret

As I stand unflinching to the hustle and bustle that
Surrounds me, I am in intrigued by this new alley that
Is before me
My curiousness brought me here, and now it will take me down
This alley, but as I wander down the path only more questions
Arise inside my brain

Ouch! A splinter invades my thoughts and pierces my foot
Like a nail that is driven into one’s eye
The pain tingles up my spine, step after step, further and further
Until I meet a Jew, Noé
With his kindness and the splinter out
I bring chaos with my gratitude when mixing up the “kosherness” of utensil at his table
Before I leave he gives me
A pair of zoccoli … and then I’m off
Yet with that I now have questions, many more questions…

Kristin Engel
4/26/2010 04:33:52 am

Poem “A whole new culture just behind the walls“

A whole new culture just behind the walls, people screaming, sun shining on her alabaster skin, not knowing where to go, eavesdropping on private conversations, transfixed by the shining glass.

A sudden pain, a chocked scream she tumbles, barely manages to gain her balance back, she leans on a wall trying to gain hold

Too late she notices the dark shadow appearing, noticing her impeccable white skin, questioning her origin

An agressive hiss, fear driving through her whole body, not knowing what he will do next, a racous warning that makes her blood run cold

Her feet running away, only wanting to get our of the sight of the beggar boy who looks at her with a furious gaze

Calmy she gets carried over to the careless looking house, the door begged her to open it, the dark window shining such a thousand jewels

She opens the door, a whole new culture, all in front of her, the house of a Jew

John Heinrich
4/26/2010 04:45:46 am

A venture into the unknown

Faltering down disheveled alleys
Perishing into the unknown world
Like a single raindrop draining into a labyrinth of canals

Contorted emotions
An incessant pain traveling through her body
Blissful to see a man wearing a kippah, a savior

Scrupulously caring her on his back
Welcomed without warning
Donata, unsecured but stoic

Deficient in the Jewish culture
Remorseful about her mistakes
After he had helped her

Hannah Charlton
4/26/2010 08:10:37 pm

Hannah Charlton
Alone in the streets

I wanted to escape consequently I was forbidden,
I snuck out and found tattered and worn clothing,
I tucked my braid into my hat,
Finally I set of on my adventure,

The cold stone pressing against my feet,
I always wondered how it would feel to be out all alone,
It was an interesting yet a new experience,
I forgot how good it feels to be free,

Not being nagged by my mother all the time,
I walked alone confidently
Even though I had a pain in my stomach that says “go home”,
I tried to ignore it in the end I gave in,

Sneaking back into the house was the hard bit,
My brothers stood there having a deep conversation,
So deep they didn’t even see me,
I got back into my room and took a sigh of relief,
What was I?
A fisher boy

Mackenzie Austin
4/26/2010 08:11:26 pm

A Secret to Keep.
Mackenzie Austin

Down the stairs I sneak silently Too exited to sleep
I tip toe with a secret
Hidden on yet beneath

Caught by my brother
I bribe a hush
Continue my journey
Transfixed on the light moving towards me

I reach my hide out
Change in silence
As quiet as a mouse
My first step onto freedom

Intriguing rock on my bare feet
Spit on my check
Warning of a beggar
Kindness of a pious Jew

I rush back home
With so much to tell
Where to start
Such a momentous adventure

I must go out again
To pay that kind Jew
But what of my secret
I can’t keep it forever

4/27/2010 03:30:38 am

Donata is a girl in a really rich family
She has a four brother and many sisters
She eavesdrops on her parents and is impeccably smart
She wants to escape to explore mostly all the time

She met an intriguing young man
The man’s name was Noa and she envied him allot
The man was very pious and followed his religion very strictly
She met him on her momentous first day outside

Further more she got a job at the local printing press factory
She was really happy and had a lot of dignity on the way home
Her parents were dumb as rocks and did not notice anything

Donata and Laura go to a tutor and get taught like their oldest brothers
Donata’s sisters cover for her from the inside while she goes outside and has a great time
This is how they go along

Johannes Herforth
4/27/2010 04:34:34 am

Escape from the inside world.

Inside, so always the same
Locked up like in a convent
Her skin’s complexion like alabaster
Curious to see the real world.

Outside, so always mysterious
Unfettered sunlight and raucous laughter
Darkened alleys that never get shined on
So excited to step into the unknown.

Splinters that is what hurts!
The sharp, stinging wood sticking in like an arrow in a target
Poor Donata limping, somewhere Hebrew singing
Will she find help in the Ghetto?

Cold water numbing her pain
A kind man helping her
Taking her, carrying her back to his house
Looking at her foot, squeezing successfully, so thankful.

Getting home, the hardest thing to do
Going back to always the same
But with a pair of zoccoli and a yarmulke
Sneaking back home, being careful of everyone.

Natalia Almeida
5/2/2010 03:31:23 am


Under the raucous screams of desperate fishermen
Between the markets, I’m trying to escape
I’m barefoot
I’m scared

Incessant voices confuse me like a maze
I see lights and smell intriguing smells I’ve never done before
Someone is talking to me
I feel puzzled
“I am not a beggar” I say, “I’m not one of you”
My conscience accuses me
Should I have done that?

I’m trying my best to keep me safe
Not to get caught
Or cut my self
But the streets are cruel, the people are cruel

I make a mistake, a terrible one
I step on the wood, and now I’ve got a splinter
I’m in pain and alone
But I don’t feel rancorous
I’m sure of what I’m doing
But now my foot hurts like a gunshot

11/10/2010 08:37:05 am

The path to greatness is along with others.


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