The Big Field

The Big Field by Mike Lupica is a realistic fiction story that can fill up your warm summer days with suspense. The main character, a teenager named Hutch, has a dream. The dream is to play on the big field. He lived in Florida and it was summertime, so the baseball season was about to start. Hutch was having problems with the realationship with his father. So, he got really jealous when he saw that his father was playing with one of his team mates before practice. There were some parts in this story where Hutch got so overwhelmed that he would burst. His team played many games that season, some hard some not as hard.
The Big Field is a great book for people who love sports and suspense. It is a book that talks about summer so it is fun to read it during that time. When someone reads it, it makes them want to go and play baseball that night. The way Mike Lupica writes makes you want to be a character of the story so you could live that experience.

About the review author: Amélie Kouba is a 13 year old girl who loves sports. She likes books with suspense and mostly books that are realistic fiction. For example, books about sports, about some problems in life, and she also likes biographies or autobiographies.