The Boy Who couldn't Die

Short Summary

The boy who couldn't die is about a boy named Ken Pritchard whose best friend Roger dies. Roger was killed in a tragic plane crash. As Ken found out this could quickly happen to him too. So he decided to become invulnerable. Due to this he didn't know much about becoming invulnerable. He looked through the internet, news paper, basically everywhere to find a person who could make him invulnerable. He was successful and found a woman who could do it for only 50$. He calls her and gets an appointment to see her; she doesn't know his age and says yes. He goes there secretly without his parents knowing. This is when he goes through the scariest event in his life. He can't move nor talk or scream, he gets the feeling as if something is crawling around under his skin. He wants to slap it, but it doesn’t work, he can't move at all, he freaks out and then it’s over. The woman says she has made him invulnerable, Ken doesn't believe her though so he decides to start small with things to do. When he gets home, it’s time to eat dinner; he eats and then starts cleaning up. He grabs one of the dishes which was really hot and keeps his hands on it. His parents notice this and freak out; to make them calm he holds his hand under the tab in cold water. That is when he realizes it didn’t even hurt, he was surprised about this. So when he got to his room he tried stabbing a pair of scissors into his chest, but he just can't get through. So he gets the idea of getting attacked by a shark into his head. He looks it up on the internet about recent shark attacks. He finds a little island, close to the Bahamas; he decides to plan a family trip there. The only way he can do the shark attack part is if he gets a scuba diving licenses. So he does and tells his parents he has planned a trip with the whole family. On the island he meets a girl named Sabine; she is one of the scuba diving instructors that teach Ken how to dive. Soon he starts getting into more dangerous diving elements. While the others wait an hour till they get the food digested enough he just jumps into the water. For this he gets in trouble, the diving instructors tell him that if he does something stupid again they won’t teach him how to dive. So Ken behaves for all the time needed, one day the whole crew goes out onto open water to dive properly. Here, Ken is told that he cannot go to deep down; Ken decides to do it anyway and swims away from all the other members. At a certain depth he starts seeing sharks, Ken starts moving rapidly and one of the sharks attack him. The shark tries to bite of his leg, but the shark feels like it is biting into a piece of metal. The shark can`t get through his leg and attacks again and fails again. At this moment in time Sabine is right behind him and is looking at him with big eyes. That’s when she knows that he is a zombie. Sabine promises not to tell any of the scuba diving directors. Ken and Sabine end up having a dinner together where Ken tells her everything that happened and tells her about these weird dreams he has been having. She says that the things he says when he wakes up are probably the place of where his soul is. Ken and Sabine together look for Ken’s soul and have a great adventure, but you’ll have to read it yourself to find out how it goes on.  J

About ME!!

My name is Ferderik Petersen, but I have many nicknames such as Freddy, Fred, Rick and many more. I am 12 years old right now (24/02/2010) my birth day is on the 14th of July which is also the national day of France. I am originally for Denmark, actually both my parents are Danish and I was born in Luxembourg. So far I have lived my whole life here in Luxembourg. One of my hobbies is Traveling around the world and meeting new people. My Goal is to at the end of my life have set foot on all seven continents. Another of my hobbies is playing basketball, I love doing it and that is why I joined a local basketball team. During the basket ball season here in school I actually join every year.

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