The Compound Book Rview

The book "The Compound" by S.A Bodeen is about a boy named Eli Yanakakis who is the son of a multi-millionaire. His twin brother and he have done a lot of things together. In fact they did everything together. Until one night where his father forces them all to go into a Compound (aka. lavish fallout shelter). The only problem is that Eli's brother, Eddy, doesn't make it into the underground shelter, neither does Eli's grandmother. After Eli being in the bunker for 5 years he starts finding out some unpleasant stuff. This is when the book starts, as he was told there had been an atomic bombing over the place where they had lived. Eli believed so because his father said so, Eli didn't dare question his dad. Soon enough though he finds evidence that there never was an atomic bombing. For example one day he decides to go into his twin brother’s room in which he hadn't been for years. On the desk he finds his brothers laptop. The only thing that is different from Eli’s is that this laptop still has internet connection. That is when he the first time chats whit his "DEAD" brother. As it turns out Eli's father has only caught them down here to do experiments with them. One day the father asks Eli about cloning him, Eli is strictly against it and doesn’t do the experiment. Eli decides he has to try and get out of the compound, the only problem is that the only one who knows the password to the door is his father. His father becomes very ill do to with food that had been to old but he still ate it. So Eli has to find out what the password is by him. Doing so isn't that easy though because he has to find the clues that his father had hidden all over the compound. Trying to find the password he finds out that the parts of the password are linked to atomic wars of tests that have been made during the rule of humanity. In fact Eli's father became rich by being a atomic weapons scientist. The ending is very spectacular, but to find out you are going to have to read it yourself.

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