The War of Jenkins Ear
Author: Michael Morpugo 
Genre: Non Fiction


Summary on The War of Jenkins Ear
By Oliver Aarnikoivu

       The War of Jenkins Ear is a very interesting book and I would suggest for you to read it. The novel is about a boy called Christopher who moves to a new school and meets a good friend called Toby. One day, Christopher and Toby went to a walk and near a tree where they could talk. Then randomly when Christopher had seen a bird he fell down on the ground and his nose started bleeding, Toby thought he was dead, but he wasn't because he rose back up. When he had come back he claimed that he was the second son of God and that he has been sent for a mission, to save the world from crime. He claimed he had special powers, he claimed that he could heal people, get them back from death. At first, Toby didn't believe in Christopher, he thought he had totally lost his mind and become crazy, but then Christopher's words were so deep that it made Toby believe in him a little. Christopher knew Toby didn't believe him but he told Toby that he would bring him a miracle tomorrow because he knew he liked a girl. The next day the girl that Toby liked started liking him and they got together which means Toby's miracle came true and Christopher wasn't lying. Later when Toby's grandfather was dying Christopher had saved his grandfather. Then, a few weeks later there became a war with the school where Toby and Christopher are in and the other school across the lake. Christopher couldn't stand it because he wanted to save the world from crime, so that people wouldn't hurt eachother, now this was when one of the kids from the other school had thrown a rock and it hit Toby's ear, so the people from Toby's school named this the War of Jenkins Ear, then of course Christopher healed Toby's ear but the war still continued and people kept on getting injured.

       One day Toby's girlfriend had broken up with Toby, and Toby thought why? because it was just random, he also thought that is Christopher's powers going away? And he was correct because a girl called Jenny had ran across the lake to the other school and she was hitten by a rock on the head and she had blacked out and been brought to a hospital, now she couldn't breath and she had died later on. During this time everyone had found out that Christopher was '' the second son of God '' and that he could '' save people '' so the principal asked '' Can you please save Jenny? '' but he had '' lost ' his powers so he couldn't, and the principal got very mad because he thought Christopher was just joking that he could save Jenny when this is a really bad situation and he decided to expell Christopher. When Christopher had left the school Jenny had come back to life which meaned that Christopher was the second son of God and that he saved Jenny.


Hello, my name is Oliver Aarnikoivu and I was born in 29th September, 1996 which means that I am thirteen years old now. I come from Finland, Lahti, and was born in Finland. Before I was one years old, I moved to Luxembourg and went to the International School of Luxembourg, and I am still in the international School of Luxembourg. My favorite hobbies are hockey, tennis, soccer and basketball. My favorite type of books are fantasy, and non fiction. I have two cats named Ida and Etu, my parents Anne and Ilpo and then my brother Roni who is sixteen years old.